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Patient Portal Help Page

Welcome to our help page for the NEW Rivertown Pediatrics Patient Portal! We hope you will love all the new features this portal offers our patients and their families. 

To register a patient for the new portal, you will need the patient PIN number provided by the office via your Welcome Email.  Parents will register themselves for the portal and then use the patient PIN provided to them to add each child to their account.  Each child will receive their own PIN which will be unique to that child.  If you lose your PIN, please call the office.   These PIN's are sent via an email from  Many of our families are finding that they do get caught in their spam filters.  Please check your spam filter before calling the office to see if yours is stuck there.

At this time, we are registering patients who are already scheduled for an appointment. You can expect a welcome email with your child's registration PIN ahead of the appointment. Please register for your account as soon as possible after you receive your welcome email!

If you are a new patient, please visit THIS link to register! 


On the new portal, each child will receive a unique PIN so access to one child's account will not gain access to any others. Siblings may or may not receive an email at the same time, so there may be a window where you do not have all of your children on your account. As you can imagine - we have a lot of families and children to register! We are trying to prioritize those who are scheduled first. However, if you need additional children added quickly, please call the office and let us know. 

If your child is over 18, you child will need to set up their portal account and request to add a parent as a proxy account.  You will no longer be able to have a portal account without your child having an account.

If you need portal assistance and cannot find the information you need on this page, please call our office at 706-327-1281 and we will be happy to assist you. 

If you need help registering for the new portal and received a welcome email, please click HERE for a step-by-step registration walk-through. 

If you are a new patient and need help registering, please click HERE for a walk-through on registering without a patient PIN. 

Below is a video about all of the possible features of the portal, and how to access them! 

Welcome to Rivertown Pediatrics!

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