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Did you know 80% of brain growth happens in the first three years of life? During this period, everyday interactions between children and their caregivers provide opportunities to give every child an equal start in life and overcome skill gaps between socio-economic, racial, and ethnic groups. 

This is where "The Basics" come in. These are five evidence-based parenting & caregiving principles that benefit children from all backgrounds. The Chattahoochee Valley Basics Campaign in working to ensure every parent & caregiver is fully supported by famiily and friends to use the Basics practices in every day life. 

We are happy to provide resources on implementing The Basics in your home. For more information on each of the five Basics, read this short informational page. To find out how to use The Basics with different ages of children, please read this tip sheet

For more information on The Basics, watch the following video and visit  

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